Indian National Green Party


National Policy-Work (including Employment)

1.1 Principles
The Indian National Green Party distinguish between work, defined as any purposeful activity, and employment, defined as paid work. We support the principle of full employment, meaning the availability of safe, socially useful, environmentally benign, adequately paid work for all those who wish to engage in it. This may be full or part time.
The Indian National Green Party define unemployment as the lack of availability of paid work for anyone who wishes to engage in it.
The Indian National Green Party do not support the perception in society that unemployed people cannot make a useful contribution to society. We reject any inference of ‘inadequacy’ in those who choose not to seek employment but contribute to society through other productive, economic and/or socially useful activities.
The Indian National Green Party are committed to redressing discrimination and inequality across the spectrum of work. We also believe that economic growth is an inadequate solution to the unemployment problem at a time when market economics and mass-consumerism have already placed the environment and people under heavy pressure.
The trend to globalisation and the view of economic rationalist theory that international competitiveness should be the priority consideration in economic policy clearly both need review. Constraints on globalisation are necessary for important environmental, social and economic reasons. Protecting employment in domestic industries is one of those important social reasons, and such protection may also have environmental benefits from reduced transport of goods. While protection can have an overall economic cost, this cost is of secondary importance to the social and environmental benefits, and is therefore a cost that is warranted for the social good.
The Indian National Green Party realise that the logical consequence of the present conditions is that less formal work is needed and more free time becomes available for everyone’s chosen pursuits. Thus the Indian National Green Party will work towards shorter standard working hours and a reversal of current trends towards increased unpaid work.
A radically new perspective needs to be taken. The green vision is one where work, leisure and income are all shared equitably. In a green society, everybody is the master of her/his own time. People must have time for leisure as well as for shouldering the responsibility of the family, society and the environment. People must also have time to keep better informed and to participate in politics.
1.2 Goals
The Party propose an employment, labour market and income policy that will recognise and reward all peoples’ occupations appropriately, with a commitment to a proper safety net for all.
We aim to redress discrimination and inequality in employment and to promote equitable participation by all Indians regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.
The Party will work towards creating a society in which:
a) the goal is full employment as defined above;
b) the norm is shorter hours in paid work than at present;
c) people enjoy self-esteem, security and material comfort whether or not they have paid jobs;
d) it is recognised that all people have the potential to contribute to the enhancement of the community, whether or not they are in paid employment;
e) educational, recreational and creative opportunities and resources are provided for all people, regardless of age and regardless of whether or not they are in paid employment; and
f) actions which are positive for the society and the environment are valued whether they are paid for in the formal economy or carried out in the informal sector.
1.3 Short Term Targets
There is plenty of socially and environmentally sustainable work which needs to be done and imaginative forms of job creation and sharing will need positive intervention by government.
There are also many areas of manufacturing and services which could be encouraged whilst taking careful account of the need for such activities to be environmentally positive or at least benign.
The Indian National Green Party propose:
a) the creation of a system in which all citizens have the right to a Guaranteed Adequate Income.
b) a society where paid work is distributed more equitably than it is at the present time;
c) greater equity in job sharing because of the shortage of full-time jobs for all and the need for more leisure time and less stress;
d) greater equity in job sharing between people from different regions, with different gender and of different ethnic origin;
e) the creation of ecologically sustainable industries;
f) legislation preventing discrimination against people who are not in formal employment;
g) public discussion on the meaning of work, facilitated by the Government;
h) the promotion of an anti-materialist culture to reduce needless consumption, whilst enabling people to fulfil their real economic and social needs.