Indian National Green party


A business plan for developing an active and recognised Green Party in India

The first 10 years of the party

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  • lThe Green Party of India was established by Professor Trivedi in 1999.
  • lThe Party has focused on lobbying other political parties over running elections.
  • lThe Green Party has an existing charter, constitution, and set of national policies.


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Latest Developments


  • lSubhas Datta, environmental and social activist, has visited UK and Euro Green Parties to learn how they are set up and run.


  • Adam White, UK Green Party is in India to assist in developing the Indian Green Party


  • Anita Ahuja, Founder and President of environmental and social non-profit organisation, Conserve India, investigates options for developing Green Party in India

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The next ten years for the Indian Green Party?


  • lOptions for development

Continue with the current focus of lobbying other political parties

Develop into a campaigning organisation fighting for social and environmental justice

-Develop into an election fighting political party


The current strengths of the Indian Green Party


  • lCharter, constitution, & national policies
  • lTechnical expertise on issues of climate change, ecology, and the environment
  • lExperienced campaigners on social and environmental issues
  • lTechnical expertise in matters of environmental law
  • lDirect experience of managing organisations with social and environmental aims
  • lDirect experience managing  election campaigns
  • lExtensive contacts in politics, media, & academia


Current Weaknesses of the Indian Green Party


  • lLimited awareness and understanding of Green Party politics among Indians
  • lLack of funds and people to run elections
  • lLimited contact with other widely recognised environmental and social campaign groups
  • lNo noticeable electoral success so far
  • lNo current strategy for developing the party further


Opportunities for the Indian Green Party


  • lGrowing awareness of climate change issues in India
  • lCurrent popular disillusionment with traditional 'corporate' political parties in India
  • lHigh proportion of youth population
  • lIncreasing cost of all natural resources
  • lGrowing popularity of products made using  traditional, more sustainable production methods 
  • lSome successful environmental campaigns


Threats for the Indian Green Party


  • lCommon misconception that being more sustainable is a block to development
  • lAggressive promotion of high consumption lifestyles in media
  • lHigh illiteracy rate / low education levels makes communicating complex concepts around climate change difficult
  • lTaking up of 'light-green' issues by main parties is seen as sufficient by many
  • l'First past the post' electoral system


Options for the Indian Green Party (1)


  • lPossible positions of the Indian Green Party in 10 years
  • -As a recognised political organisation with success in one or more states / major cities / small cities /  provincial towns
  • -As a respected and well known high level campaigning organisation
  • -As a grass roots organisation mobilising the concerns of climate change and social deprivation
  • -Other options


Options for the Indian Green Party (2)‏


  • lApproaches to growth:
  • -Develop core campaigning group and deliver message through national media
  • -Attempt to replicate 'traditional' models and methods of major parties
  • -Engage electorate neighbourhood by neighbourhood to develop local support which can be converted over time into electoral wins at local, state and then national levels
  • -Combination of above or other possible approaches


Options for the Indian Green Party (3)


  • lTarget audiences:
  • -Educated young professionals (The European and American target audiences)‏
  • -The poorest Indians, those most effected by social deprivation and climate change
  • -The opinion shaping elite in major metropolises
  • -Existing social and environmental campaign groups
  • -Combination of the above or other possible audiences


Options for the Indian Green Party (4)


  • lImage of the party
  • -Activists / professional politicians / campaigners / others
  • lHow to reinforce the image of the party
  • -Clothing / language / areas of focus / others


Questions for the Indian Green Party


  • lWhat people can the Indian Green Party mobilise currently?
  • lWhat sources of funding can the Indian Green Party access currently?
  • lDoes the Indian Green Party have a natural geographical base?


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