Indian National Green Party


National Policy-Older People

1 Principles
In recent years, political parties have been primarily concerned with economic indicators of value. They have devoted scant interest to quality of life issues. When the value of people is measured by their productive capacity inside the market place, older people tend to be disregarded, considered only when their votes are needed at election time.
The Indian National Green Party consider it fundamental that older people be accorded the same consideration and respect as everyone else. The experiences, skills, wisdom and memories of older people are assets for the whole community.
The Indian National Green Party oppose all forms of ageism, and support initiatives to counter this, including public education and affirmative action.
2.2 Goals
The Indian National Green Party aim to give older people control over their own social situation, enabling them to realise their potential as fully participating members of society. This means that they should have the power to take part in designing the institutions that will affect their well-being. The exercise of choice to determine how to live, and what kind of care is needed, is as important for older people as for everyone else.
2.3 Short Term Targets
The Indian National Green Party are working towards:
a) promoting a supportive environment for older people;
b) giving everybody the right of early retirement;
c) ensuring that the right to work is not governed by age;
d) adequate health services;
e) ensuring that older people have access to a range of suitable accommodation including quality public sector housing;
f) personal care for all older people;
g) providing sufficient home and institutional care so that older people who need assistance can be assured of living out their lives in comfortable and dignified surroundings that are appropriate to their individual conditions and capacities;
h) easing the problems of transport for older people;