Indian National Green Party


National Policy-Social Citizenship

2.1 Principles
2.1.1 Inequities addressed
The Indian National Green Party propose a system in which the Central Government will assist the States, and where necessary mount its own programme, to address the uneven provision of basic services in India. The unevenness of delivery of services is exemplified by the disastrous state of housing, health and education that exists in many rural areas.
2.1.2 Work to be Redefined
The Indian National Green Party call for a redefinition of the concepts of work and unemployment.
2.2. Goals
2.2.1 Affirmative Action
The Indian National Green Party recognise a continuing need to focus on disadvantaged groups in the Indian community.
Affirmative action policies need to ensure that the opportunities and rewards for women are equal to those for men.
2.2.2 Strengthening Communities
While a world view is necessary if we are to both care for the planet and redress world-wide injustices and inequities, the fate of the world rests significantly on the actions of communities - both in their ability to generate local initiatives and in their combined ability to promote change at national and international levels. The policies of the Indian National Green Party therefore aim to strengthen local democratic processes, encourage regional sustainable development initiatives and planning, and enhance management capabilities within local communities.
2.3 Short Term Targets
2.3.1 Income Security
The Party propose that the social security system be reformed. It should be simplified and made more uniform by:
a) aligning all payments for adults and independent young people associated with unemployment, study, disability, special benefit and age pensions;
b) aligning all youth payments and increasing these over time to reflect real living costs;
c) amalgamating the various child support and family allowance payments, and increasing these in line with the cost of caring for children;
d) linking all income and other support levels to changes in the cost of living, so that they are automatically adjusted for inflation.
2.3.2 Targeting Inequities
The Indian National Green Party propose that disadvantaged individuals and communities will be the focus of specific public housing, health, education and public transport programme.
2.3.3 Community Development
The Indian National Green Party propose that:
a) financial assistance be provided to local interest groups to assist them to participate in local and regional planning and sustainable development initiatives;
b) funds be made available from the Central Government for the coordination, preparation and implementation of ecologically sustainable strategic plans by state governments and regional organisations;
c) funds be made available for the planning and initiation of ecologically sustainable industries at local and regional level; and
d) funds be provided for a Rural Community Initiatives Programme to be instituted to assist in the strengthening of rural communities, including improving opportunities for employment, cultural and youth activities.