Indian National Green Party


National Policy-Water

3.1 Principles
The Indian National Green Party policies for water are based on:
a) adopting a total catchment approach to the management of water;
b) preserving biodiversity and ecological integrity;
c) recognising that the restructuring of the water supply in India by introduction of free market competition is likely to be accompanied by a severe loss of social and environmental accountability and responsibility; and
d) equitable allocation of water amongst all users.
3.2 Goals
The Indian National Green Party aim to:
a) decrease per capita consumption of fresh water by increasing efficiency of water use, and expanding opportunities for re-use;
b) stop the discharge of sewage into aquatic systems;
c) maximise the capacity to reuse sewage treatment by-products by reducing pollution at source, minimising waste, and phasing out the discharge of toxic chemicals to sewerage systems;
d) hold the amount of water captured for human use from surface aquatic systems and provide environmental flows to all river systems and their dependent ecosystems;
e) draw water from groundwater systems at rates not greater than they are replenished;
f) ensure equitable access to adequate supplies of clean water for human consumption;
g) apply the principles of least-cost planning to the provision of water, drainage and sewerage services;
h) reduce erosion, sedimentation and pollution of watercourses, wetlands and estuaries, by protecting and restoring native riparian vegetation and improving catchment management;
i) maintain public ownership and control over all major water supply, distribution, drainage and disposal systems;
j) maintain and where possible increase the area of water supply catchments that are free of logging, agriculture and other land uses which degrade water quality
k) provide for full public participation in decisions about water, drainage and sewerage; and
l) provide information and low -interest loan incentive programme to assist rural residents to adopt water conservation practices for domestic and farm use.
3.3 Short Term Targets
The Indian National Green Party will work to:
a) establish a major new national programme to restore environmental flows to all river systems and improve water quality and implement the programme through national agreements between Central State and/or local governments;
b) use all available powers to maintain major water supply, distribution, drainage and disposal systems in public ownership;
c) cancel all plans to build large-scale new dams; and
d) ensure that drinking water supplies meet or exceed WHO (World Health Organisation) standards, and that their quality is publicly reported regularly.