President's Message


I am glad to inform the citizens of India that the Indian National Green Party was registered with the Election Commission of India on 7 January 1999. The Party has decided to depollute India's Environment besides creating environment friendly and sustainable jobs by vocationalising the existing careers for involving more than 500 million young men and women by providing neological and neocratic training for entering the twentyfirst century and the third millennium for having a cleaner as well as greener India and for protecting our Mother Earth.


The branches of the Party will be in all the 600 districts and 5 lakhs villages of the country with a minimum of 1000 members in every village of the country. The members will be trained in the field of greening of mind, greening of waste as well as useful land, greening of schools and colleges, greening of public and private offices, greening of bureaucracy and other political parties for having an eco-culture, eco-wisdom, eco-ethics, eco-metaphysics, eco-development, eco-technology, eco-politics, eco-feminism and rather an eco-dharma.


The Indian National Green Party will involve the voters themselves in implementing the need based solutions for the burning problems of the country like health for all by 2010 with the help of complementing and supplementing the modern medicine with alternative, complementary, energetic and polypathic medicine as well as drugless therapies for optimising the health and family welfare budgets of the Central as well as State Governments; modifying the present faulty educational system by proposing and implementing improved job oriented educational system for utilising the manpower of this country; solving the problem of unemployment by providing a package of incentives and programmes on self employment with a view to having more job givers rather than job seekers through training in entrepreneurial neology and development; and a nationwide programme of providing training in the area of attitudinal and behavioural change to the bureaucrats, technocrats and all government employees having regulatory, promotional, planning as well as entrepreneurial role for having a responsive administration for implementing programmes having positive, social, educational, cultural and economic content for the optimum development of a sustainable Indian society. The Party will give special emphasis on greening and pollution control measures and advocate for the adoption of indigenous as well as appropriate clean and cleaning up technologies for pollution control. The Party will also popularise the facts that the effluents, the garbage and the solid as well as liquid wastes can be converted in to the most useful products for making the industries viable as well as profitable.


The Indian National Green Party should propose a management strategy for family planning and for controlling population size by envisaging a marketing approach and should be of the view that the 1000 million persons living in India including the children will become the real assets of this planet if they understand the need of "Catch them Young" and "Each One Teach One" regarding the need to protect the Mother Earth for saving the ozone layer, maintaining the global climate without any change in temperature, and for use of environment friendly products and services.


Regarding India's policy on global governance and security, the Indian National Green Party will be presenting a grand synthesis for ushering in the age of humanism and a ground work for global harmony and an elegant development model for India including nuclear debate, security council reforms and resolution models - a way out of the nuclear impasse and also moving towards the zero nuclear weapons states.


The Indian National Green Party has been established for inviting all accomplished individuals, enabling them to guide the human race living in a historic transitional period of burgeoning awareness of the conflict between human activities and environmental constraints, preparing to venture into a new century and a new millennium and to finally help save the fragile and endangered planet with the natural resources already overtaxed. The members of the Party will also help in developing a new approach to governance through neocratic ideas for reducing the toll exacted in supporting daily life and the ever growing problems on the earth exerting profound pressures on the environment.


The national convention of the Party being held on 24 April 1999 at Mavalankar Hall, New Delhi by inviting the representatives from all the States and Union Territories for having brain storming sessions and for appointing the heads of the different cells and morchas of the Party including women, youth, student, labour, teacher, freedom fighter, ex-servicemen, kisan, minorities, scheduled caste and tribe, spiritual, intellectual, science and technology, rural and urban entrepreneurship, legal, media, health, environment, trade, forests, pollution control, tiny, cottage, small, medium and large industries will go a long way in managing the affairs and activities of the Party and in cleaning and greening of India.


This Brochure has the details of the National Policy as well as Constitution of the Party for its perusal by one and all. I am sure that the policies and programmes of the Party will merit the consideration of the Indian Citizenry.


 Prof. Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi


Indian National Green Party
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