Indian National Green Party


National Policy-Environmental Sustainability

2.1 Principles
The Indian National Green Party support the conservation of the Earth’s environment and its biodiversity, both as a value in itself and as essential for human survival and happiness.
2.2 Goals
The Indian National Green Party will:
a) support international and national moves to halt deforestation in India as well as the rest of the world and help reforestation; this involves both cessation of unsustainable logging and more efficient use of land for human activities by encouraging the reduced consumption of meat and dairy products, especially in the richer countries;
b) support international moves to limit land degradation;
c) support international conventions to stop over-fishing in the oceans;
d) support international moves to reduce pollution of the seas and the atmosphere;
e) support moves to end trade in hazardous waste;
f) support moves to end exploitation of and trade in endangered species;
g) support the transfer of environmentally sustainable technologies to developing countries; and
h) promote the establishment of an Environmental Council at the UN with similar decision-making powers to the Security Council, but dealing instead with environmental issues of global significance.
2.3 Short Term Targets
The Indian National Green Party will support:
a) urgent measures to stop the exploitation of rainforests, which has resulted in both the loss of a rich biosystem and the displacement and possible extinction of the native peoples of the forests;
c) efforts to end the dumping of nuclear waste in the oceans;
d) effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use of ozone-depleting substances;
e) legislation to require Indian companies, Government agencies and business enterprises, operating overseas to observe social and environmental standards no less stringent than those required in India.