Indian National Green Party


National Policy-Young People

1.1 Principles
The Indian National Green Party believe the key issues for India’s young people are:
a) access to secure, affordable and appropriate long term housing;
b) meaningful work and a competency based wage system;
c) access to education and training;
d) a clean and healthy environment;
e) access to diverse cultural and recreational facilities;
f) access to reliable and affordable transport;
g) access to a living environment which is free from the threat of physical or emotional abuse or discrimination of any kind; and
h) access to health services which focus on the social, economic and environmental factors that impact on the lives of young people.
Information about services available to young people must be accessible and comprehensible.
The Indian National Green Party oppose all forms of ageism, and support initiatives to counter this, including public education and affirmative action.
Youth interests must be included in public policy decision-making, and this requires greater input from young people themselves.
Recognising that young people have a positive contribution to make to society, the Indian National Green Party support representation from young people at all levels of government. Young people must not only play a central role in formulating those policies which affect them, but they should be included more widely in general policy formulation.
1.2 Goals
The Indian National Green Party will:
a) facilitate processes which allow young people to express their needs and aspirations at all levels of government, as well as in their own communities;
b) listen to young people through regionally based Youth Advisory Committees comprising representative groups of young people with a range of interests and skills, who will meet to discuss ideas, initiatives and solutions to problems, as well as provide feedback and advice on government programmes. These Advisory Committees will have input at both state and national levels, to assist with greater coordination of national, state and local initiatives;
c) support the right of people from the age of 16 years to vote and to hold public office, in recognition of the increasing awareness of and responsibility towards current issues of young people.
1.3 Short Term Targets
1.3.1 Unemployment
The Indian National Green Party will work towards the implementation of a national employment strategy for young people, to be administered at a local level with a focus on facilitating community development.
Local employment committees will be established. They will provide training, financial support and the development of job opportunities which address needs within local communities and promote green jobs.
The Indian National Green Party also support greater representation of young people on regional economic organisations and greater recognition of community-based organisations which generate environmentally and socially useful employment opportunities.
All labour market and training programmes must be developed in consultation with young people and should not be discriminatory on any grounds, including age.
1.3.2 Education
Our education system must be able to provide the intellectual and social skills necessary for confronting the social and environmental problems now facing India. The skills and knowledge of indigenous as well as non-indigenous ancestry and culture must be shared with our young people to give them an understanding of the basic solutions to our cultural crisis.
The Indian National Green Party are committed to:
a) diverse and inclusive curricula at the school level;
b) supportive school environments that cater for social and academic development and raise self-esteem ;
c) support for early intervention programme;
d) more flexible pathways to employment and training;
e) increased emphasis on training in life skills;
f) ensuring training programme are relevant and accessible, and that they are connected to ongoing employment opportunities; and
g) civics education to enable greater understanding of and participation in all spheres of government.
1.3.3 Youth Justice
The recognition of young people’s issues and needs is inadequate in India’s legal system. Young people often feel regulated by the law but without adequate access to and support from the legal system or their legal rights. Young people should be protected from violence, discrimination and exploitation.
The Indian National Green Party support:
a) establishing a Children’s Bureau including a Commission for Children and a Children’s Ombudsperson; and
b) the development of a Children and Youth Justice Strategy which would include community legal education and an advocacy programme for young people.
1.3.4 Health
There are many serious health issues facing young people in India. Good health is closely connected to lifestyle. While young people should be encouraged to take responsibility for their own health, the Indian National Green Party recognise that physical and emotional wellbeing is often compromised by inadequate access to appropriate housing, income support, meaningful work, creative or recreational opportunities as well as by degradation of the environment.
An integrated and holistic approach to health policy is necessary.
Recognising the urgency of the problem, the Indian National Green Party support the development of strategies to deal with youth suicide and mental health problems among young people.
The Indian National Green Party also support increased HIV/AIDS education and more preventive programme targeted to young people with eating disorders.
1.3.5 Housing
The number of homeless youth in India is increasing and projections suggest this situation will worsen in the future. Adequate housing and especially secure long term housing are fundamental to young people working towards their chosen lifestyle.
The Indian National Green Party support facilitation of community housing and housing cooperatives in urban areas as a means to servicing the young homeless.
The Indian National Green Party support co-housing and other forms of multiple occupancy.
Young people should be involved in the planning and development of housing appropriate to their needs.
1.3.6 The Environment
Young people have a clear interest and concern in the wellbeing of the planet. Respect for the environment is essential to the security and wellbeing of future generations.
The Indian National Green Party support community-based employment, housing and cultural activities which increase the quality of life and empower young people without consuming vast amounts of resources and generating excessive waste.
The Indian National Green Party encourage government support and facilitation of innovative environmental projects including urban community farms and gardens, alternative housing construction and design, energy conservation and alternative energy generation, recycling and secondary resource management.